Homemade Face Scrub

I am really not one to purchase body scrubs from the store because with basic ingredients (all of which I can pronounce by the way) I can come up with a far better product that works for my lifestyle. I have been using this simple coffee scrub for at least 11 years (see video here). For the most part, this coffee body scrub recipe remains the same but occasionally I will swap oils and fragrances depending on my mood.

I couldn’t use that coffee scrub on my face because the particles are too large and would tear delicate facial skin. Well, that changed when I bought a $10 coffee grinder. With the grinder I can ground the coffee to an almost powder consistency, which makes it a lot kinder to the face. Also because I am using freshly ground coffee and ingredients that are moisture free, there’s no molding and the scrub keeps forever. You have got to try this recipe.

coffee scrub

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DIY Deep Conditioner

Most people with natural hair follow a strict deep conditioner regimen. I did too when I first started out with my natural hair journey because all I heard was noise about how difficult my texture is to deal with and its unrelenting proneness to drying out. But once I opted for the Ayurveda-based system of hair care, I find it unnecessary to deep condition after each mud.  Taking my time to prep the muds to mitigate some of the inevitable drying effects and using my herbal tea leave-in along with the home-made hair cream as moisturizer has all but almost eliminated my need to deep condition. Midweek co-washes also help a lot.


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Herbal Hair Conditioning Powder

herbal conditioning powder

The Herbal Hair Conditioning powder is an elusive product but thanks to a lovely friend (Thanks Emma!) I was able to get my hands on it.  The package indicates the product is manufactured in northern India. This mix contains an impressive 18 herbs that are a mixture of strengthening, conditioning and cleansing. I really loved that the ingredients are named both in English and Latin which makes it much easier to look up the plants.  For the unfamiliar herbs it was easy to look them up quickly before using the product just to make sure there are no risks. 80% of the ingredients I have come across before and therefore I could tell how my hair would respond to this mix.

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