Flax Seed Gel Styling Cream

Flax seed hair gel is all the rave in the natural hair care community and for good reason. The flaxseeds are easy to find, affordable and the volume of gel to flaxseeds ratio is extraordinary (meaning you get a lot of gel for a small amount of seeds because you can reuse the old seeds, at least thrice). Flax seeds create an effective gel that holds braids and twists patterns remarkably well. The gel works by breaking the hydrogen bonds in the hair. The water in the gel is able to form new bonds by combining with the hair’s hydrogen bonds and the mucilage acts as a binder prolonging the new bonds. The new bonds dry in a twist or braid out position and that’s how you end up with the curl pattern.

Flax seed gel hair cream for natural hair

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Coconut Milk +
Nupur Henna

In this week’s mud mix I swapped my mixing medium from herbal tea to coconut milk. Packed with all three main micronutrients; fat, carbohydrate and protein, coconut milk in my opinion is a superfood. Compared to cow’s milk at 4%, the saturated fat (that raises bad cholesterol, which clogs your arteries) in coconut milk is about 21%. Hence the coconut milk should be used in moderation as food. For our hair however, the saturated fat is a positive.

Nupur Gorej Henna

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Store Launch

It’s almost two years since i first shared the hair cream recipe on my youtube channel. Frustrated by subpar moisturizers I did the research and attempted to make my own.  I was pleasantly surprised when the end result was actually much better than I had hoped for despite it’s imperfections. The biggest challenge was whether the cream would work on my light density 4C hair.  I was thrilled it did and since March 4th 2013, I replaced my daily moisturizer and have not looked back since.

I wasn’t prepared for the overwhelming feedback received from my youtube family. The support and encouragement during the development and production of the cream has been nothing short of amazing. And for that I am truly grateful.

Today I can finally say…..The store is finally open and you can get your hands on the hair cream along with two of my favorite oils. The “Store” tab on the menu will take you the store for products that are 100% hand-made and tried and true.

Thanks everyone for all the love and support. You are the best.