Skincare Regimen


I am a wearing zero make-up in the photo above. Not even my eye-brows are done. I won the genetic lottery when it comes to skin (and people say I look a lot younger than I really am but that’s a topic for another day). Yet my skin is hardly perfect but when it acts out, especially my face, I think of it as my body signaling that something I am either applying on it or using internally (some foods) is causing an imbalance. So all I have to do is rectify the imbalance and problem solved. I have never had that proverbial perfect skin because I have stretchmarks, scars on my neck from a bad reaction to perfume and thanks to a tomboy way of life scars and scraps are very much acquainted with my skin. I view skin as the organ that protects my vital functions (especially blood) so as long as it’s doing that job well, I welcome the imperfections. So normal wear and tear aside, I have relatively easy-to-deal-with skin.

When I first moved to the NY the sheer number of skin product at the convenient stores and malls overwhelmed me. Of course that was before I discovered the skincare specialty stores, which played a major role in lowering my take-home paycheck. After the frustration of a very expensive habit of combining multiple products so as to be assured all my skincare bases were covered, I attempted to make my own. The big puzzle was figuring out which of the many ingredients choices would be agreeable to my skin and cost effective at the same time. Fast forward a couple of years and making my skincare products has become second nature to me. And the journey continues as the ingredient discoveries and my understanding of skin evolves.

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Cayenne Pepper Hair Growth: The Results

cayenne pepper hair growth

Howdy! The cayenne pepper for hair growth results have been way overdue so let’s just jump into it, shall we? Cayenne pepper oil and capsules facilitated my hair growth wonderfully. For those who may not be familiar with this experiment, refer to the cayenne pepper oil for hair growth and cayenne capsules posts to catch up on what this update is about.

I should have gained slightly over an inch for the four months between September and December 2013 but as seen in these shots, I gained  about 2.5 inches where I should have gained 1 inch. This places my growth rate at 0.5 inches/month give or take. That’s certainly good news because it challenges my previous belief that my genetic growth rate is 0.25inches/month.

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