Apple Cider Vinegar Toner

When it comes to skincare, I find the easier the better. Apple cider vinegar is definitely one of my quintessential must-haves in my arsenal of DIY skin care. Apple cider vinegar is made from fermenting apples. Bacteria and yeast break down the sugars in the apples into alcohol, and when the alcohol ferments further the final product is vinegar. Apples are already loaded with potassium, pectin, malic acid and calcium but the fermentation process creates “the mother”, which are cloudy strings that normally settle on the bottom of the bottle. “The mother” is choke full of beneficial enzymes and trace minerals that are very beneficial to both skin and internally alkalinizing the body to maintain a healthy pH level.

The main ingredient of apple cider vinegar is acetic acid, however it also contains lactic, citric and malic acids, which give apple cider vinegar alpha hydroxy acids. Alpha hydroxyl acids (AHA’s) are very beneficial in reducing and softening wrinkles and fine lines as well as gentle exfoliation to draw toxins and dead skin cells out of skin leaving a youthful and clean glow. AHA’s have also been documented in curbing signs of aging skin especially when it comes to age spots and skin blemishes.

lavender buds

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DIY Conditioner

This three ingredient homemade deep conditioner is the ultimate product. You get a detangler, a softener and a gentle cleanser. At pH 5.5, yogurt is naturally optimized for hair care plus it is choke full of saturated fats, proteins and vitamins, which makes it a fantastic product for any diy conditioner enthusiast.

The brand of the yogurt shouldn’t matter that much as long as it is all natural, unflavored and with no added sugar. Full-fat yogurt is ideal because the saturated/unsaturated fats, proteins and vitamins are intact and will therefore be most beneficial to hair. Yogurt packs a punch on its own can be used directly on the hair without adding any other ingredients to it.


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State of The Afro – 2015

It’s been a year since my second big chop (see detailed video here) and much has changed. While length is the most obvious difference, I have also become absolutely comfortable with my hair in its various states. I’m much more relaxed about the journey this time around partly because I have figured out how to work with (not against) my hair and perhaps more importantly, because I embrace my hair no matter what condition its in. Of all the changes expected with the first 12 months, the mental shift in how I perceive my hair has been the most rewarding.



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