Whipped Shea Butter

As the quintessential butter of the natural hair community, it makes sense that people keep finding new ways of incorporating Shea butter into different recipes for hair and skin. My go-to sealant in the winter has always been a whipped mixture of Shea butter and a liquid oil. The whipping process takes forever though so I have been experimenting with different methods of whipping that maintain the light fluffy creamy butter that’s definitely a part of my hair care arsenal.

So…after trying various ways (and let me tell you youtube has plenty of methods), I finally came up with what for me is most efficient, effective and guarantees my final texture will be exactly as I like it.

Raw Shea Butter

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Detangling on a Budget

Hi everyone! I hope summer/winter has been great for you! I apologize for abandoning the hive but it was a much needed break to visit family in Nairobi. I’m back now with lots of fresh new content and a whole new journey to growing this TWA. Speaking of TWA…I have abandoned mine for about two and a half weeks. In typical 4C behavior, I ended up with a matted mess (which looks surprisingly good on camera by the way).

Detangling for me is more about technique than products. You could have the most effective products to work with but if your technique is lacking, your detangling process will be inefficient. Case on point: I only used three products to detangle:

  1. Water (laced with apple cider vinegar)
  2. A conditioner that cost $0.89
  3. Fractionated coconut oil (the one that remains liquid throughout)

4c hair twa

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pH in Natural Hair Care

The pH of products we use in natural hair care play a critical role that could either facilitate or hinder natural hair growth. In order to select products that work well with the hair, it’s important to understand the role that pH plays in product formulation. And even if you are big on DIY hair care like myself,  knowing the final pH of products you make is extremely helpful in determining how your coils will respond and possible corrective measures in case of mistakes.  For those who use commercial products, understanding how pH works when it comes to natural hair will be vital in selecting products that are pH balanced and therefore ideal for hair.

ph strips

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